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Compagnie Junior Ballet Montréal

C'est une expérience unique et artistique qui met en contact les jeunes danseurs avec le processus créatif et tous les aspects, humains et techniques. Participer à la compagnie junior offrira un apprentissage exceptionnel en ballet classique.

La compagnie junior se produit dans différents lieux tout au long de l'année, notamment: la collecte de fonds de la Fondation Starlight pour les enfants malades et le gala de la Fondation canadienne du cancer du sein CIBC.


Les danseurs ont également l'opportunité de travailler avec de nombreux chorégraphes invités.


Les candidats doivent demander une audition pour rejoindre la compagnie ou être invités par la directrice artistique.

Membres de la compagnie junior pour la saison 2018/19:

Abbas, Alia 

Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.

-Martha Graham 


Bertrand, Fay

I am a dancer.

I don’t dance because I want to. I dance because I need to.

I tell a story by the movements of my body.

I dance because I get this amazing rhythm of the music.

I dance because it makes me happy.

I am artist and athlete and a dreamer.

I am a dancer.


Borsellino, Angela

Dance is the art of losing yourself but knowing exactly who you are at the same time


Dixon, Autumn

Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.

Johnston, Sarah


Dance allows for me to express myself through art. When I am onstage, I feel confident and at ease, knowing that it is where I belong. I am able to be myself and show others how hard work in class pays off when performing. "Dance enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time

― Unknown


Morrison, Sarah

Nantel, Carly


Believe in yourself, and you will be unstoppable

Raffoul, Danielle

"Freedom to a dancer means discipline. That is what technique is for--liberation." 

Martha Graham

Although it can be comforting to dance in a state of mind that focusses on technique, remember to listen to that instinctive desire to move from within - superficial movement will never be as powerful and expressive as a visual display of one's passion. Master your technique so that the body does not get in the way of the soul's expression.


Robertson, Ely 

Dance is the reflection of your feelings and the way you want to show an audience the sense of life. It acts like the mirror of your soul, or the echo of your biggest emotions. This art makes me feel all sorts of thrills, but mostly liberation. And this said liberty is the key to accomplish your biggest dreams, without any restrictions.



Sinclair, Erin


"I don't just dance.  I perform.  I breathe. I watch the world disappear.  I release my feelings.  I lead with my heart.  I tear down my walls.  I stop feeling sad.  I lose the pain.  I let go.  I smile.  No, I don't just dance.  I do so much more." 

- Anonymous


Sushko, Anastasia 

Dance for yourself. If someone understands - well, if not - it does not matter, keep doing what you love. 

-Luis Horst


Tramley, Elyssa

Dancing is a necessity for me just like the air I breathe, nourishment I require, warmth and protection I enjoy and freedom of adventure I seek.  It is the state of being I feel most myself in.  It is my happy place.


Van Aelst, Jacqueline

Talent and effort are nothing without focus and determination

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