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Children 3 to 7 years old dancing


​The classes in the Young Children Programs are carefully established considering physical strength, age and development of each student. The student will be promoted to the next level according to individual progression in technique and strength.

Creative Movement l (age 3)

This is a fun class that will introduce rhythm and movement, emphasizing children’s creativity. With the use of props and games, the children learn basic movements, while working on coordination, flexibility and strength. This class is 45 minutes long, once a week and the children participate in the year end performance.

Creative Movement II (age 4)​

This class introduces children to movement and music through a program that emphasizes their creativity, flexibility, and coordination. Children learn to interact with others in a nurturing atmosphere and gradually learn the discipline required in a dance class. This class is 45 minutes long, once a week and the children participate in the year end performance.

Pre-Ballet (age 5-6)​

At this age, we focus on creativity as well as  the development of correct posture, building physical strength and acquiring flexibility. Children in this class develop self-discipline, increased attention span and response to rhythm and musical patterns. This class is a prelude to formal ballet instruction. Classes are 1 hour long, once a week and the children participate in the year end performance. This class will prepare students for the after school programme.

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