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Ballet Teacher's Course & Cecchetti Examinations

Students will be assesed by Ms. Paula Urrutia, the Artistic/Pedagogical Director of the School.

Ballet Teacher's Course

This course provides dancers who wish to move into a teaching role, with the opportunity to enhance their existing technical skills through the application of appropiate pedagogical methods of teaching. This is a two year course and students will qualify to take the Cecchetti Associate (young teachers) exam.

The Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet

The Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet is a style of Classical Ballet based on the teachings of the Italian Ballet Master Enrico Cecchetti, during the mid 19th century to the early 20th century (1850 - 1928).

This method was used at the National Ballet School of Canada, for many years and is now the basis of the ballet technique of many of the dancers at The National Ballet of Canada Company today. The Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet is also used in many professional dance programs around the world.

The Cecchetti Society of Canada was established in 1949 by Betty Oliphant, who with Celia Franca were the founders of The National Ballet School of Canada. 
Cecchetti Examinations: The purpose of these examinations is to give students specific goals to work towards and to maintain standards of development consistent with international standards.

Grades 1 to 6
• The Grade Examinations are not designed for the amateur adult.
• The minimum age for Grade 1 is 8 (9 is preferred).
• The maximum age for any Grade is 18.


Major Exams:
• Intermediate
• Advanced 1
• Advanced 2

Candidates must have the appropriate level of technique to qualify for the major exams

Teachers Exams:
• Cecchetti Associate
• Duration of Associate examination: 2 1/2 hours.
• Candidates will be examined individually, by two examiners.


Candidates must:
• Have reached the age of 18
• Have passed the Advanced 1 Examination in the Cecchetti Society Faculty.


Ballet, Modern & Contemporary and Tap

We have a range of classes, from all levels of Ballet to Modern & Contemporary as well as Tap.





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