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Students will be assesed by Ms. Paula Urrutia, the Artistic/Pedagogical Director of the School, to ensure they are placed in the appropriate level for their personal development.
The classes in our program are carefully graded by age, physical strength and development. Students are introduced to progressive levels of ballet technique as stated in the Cecchetti Method.
In order to ensure specific growth in technique and artistry students must take a minimum amount of classes. Age is only one consideration in placing our dancers in the correct class. We really want every dancer to succeed, to maximise their potential They will move on to the next level according to their own progression.


At this age, we focus on creativity and the development of correct posture, building physical strength and acquiring flexibility. Children in this class develop self-discipline, increased attention span and response to rhythm and musical patterns. This class is a prelude to formal ballet instruction. Classes are 1 hour long, once a week and the children participate in the year end performance.

Elementary Ballet

There are two levels of elementary Ballet, 1 and 2. The ages for these levels ranges from 7 to 13. The elementary class helps in fact to build a strong base to assure that each individual dancer has the essential basic clean technique. There are two classes a week for the elementary levels. Students follow the Cecchetti Method of ballet instruction. They are monitored, encouraged and corrected to ensure they are constantly improving. All dancers cover some theory as well as barre work and centre work. Classes at this level are small enabling the teacher to give every student individual attention. Students will perform in the end of year show and some may join the competition team.

Intermediate Ballet

There are two levels of intermediate Ballet, 1 and 2. Student ages range from 12 to 18 in these classes, depending upon their own level of training and development. Intermediate dancers have a minimum of three classes per week and are all taught by Paula Urrutia. In intermediate 1 girls are introduced to pointe work depending upon their strength and readiness.  All dancers will perform at the end of the

year. The intermediate classes challenges each dancer to their full potential to develop a strong ability in ballet from barre work to center work. Many will also join the competition team where they will have the opportunity to expand their potential with individual, or small group performances. Each dancer in level 2 will be invited to join the Junior Company, and will take part in the year end Ballet as well as other exciting opportunities.

Advanced Ballet

Dancers in this group are very committed and dedicated. At this age, usually 16 and over students continue to refine their technique. Some may choose at this stage to aim for a professional career while others dance for pleasure, exercise and the joy of dance. Dancers in the advance class are demanded to use their proper technique to maximize their performance on stage. Most of the advanced dancers are also part of the Junior Company. These dancers are often placed in the corps de ballet during our annual year end show

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