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Ballet Montreal Performing Arts is a non-profit dance academy and performance arts organization

We aim to provide services to the community not only by promoting arts and culture but also by promoting healthy lifestyles and wellbeing through dance.

Dance, a form of art and also a natural human activity, has proved to be enjoyable and beneficial for people of all ages. Following the UK model, our school is committed to promote dance programs that encourage and facilitate healthy life styles through dancing.

To achieve this goal the School in collaboration with other institutions will run a variety of programs, each of them targeting different vulnerable populations and focussing on their particular needs. Specific dance styles and activities will be used as vehicles to promote physical activity, body awareness and ways of self-expression in a pleasurable, safe and professional environment.



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​If you would like to donate a higher amount please contact us.​

Your help makes a difference

As part of our mission we make innovative approaches in dance available and accessible to individuals who can benefit greatly. 

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