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Ballet Montreal offers youth age 3 to adult the opportunity to experience a spectrum of dance forms with the goal of honouring the creative spirit and celebrating the individual. The Artistic Director Paula Urrutia brings international experience as a professional dancer and teacher. She holds Licentiate certificate in classical Cecchetti technique and has certified Cecchetti instructors teaching students. While ensuring that all dancers receive proper dance technique in a safe, clean environment, the school aims to let each dancer develop to their fullest. We offer different types of dance class, including ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary /modern We believe a strong foundation in ballet is integral for any dancer.  We welcome you to call or visit our West Island studio and discuss whether Ballet Montreal is right for you.

Tickets For Our End of Year Productions On Sale Now!

June 17th, 2023 at 6 p.m.
June 18th, 2023 at 4 p.m.


The fundamental building blocks for all dancers is classical ballet. We offer a program based on the Cecchetti Method, monitoring our students constantly for potential improvement. Class sizes are small and focus on discipline and proper technique ensuring every dancer develops artistically and technique is mastered before moving to the next level. Our students are offered the opportunity to perform, in festivals, charity events, recitals and competitions both locally and internationally.


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This class introduces children to movement and music through a program that emphasizes their creativity, flexibility, and coordination. Designed especially for children aged 3-5 and taught in a caring and fun environment


Contemporary dance combines the techniques learned in ballet in a modern and exciting way. Dancers learn to express themselves through movement and musical interpretation.


Jazz dance is a fun and energetic. The music is energetic and the dance style involves jumping, turning and a high degree of musicality.


Tap dance has been a favourite for young dancers for many years. The dance relies heavily on beat and rhythm. Dancers develops their footwork as well as their coordination between legs and arms.

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