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Community Programs

Ballet Montreal Performing Arts School believes in bringing the joy of dance to as many people as possible - some who may never have thought to be able to participate. We are constantly searching for possibilities in the community. Our Junior Company participates inn charitable events every year and the school has been activelt involved in several other projects. As part of our mission we make innovative approaches in dance available and accessible to individuals who can benefit greatly. Our main goal is to honor the creativity spirit and to celebrate the individual.

One of our most successful programs...



Argentine Tango Classes for people with Parkinson’s Disease

A Warm and Welcoming Environment

We invite you to learn tango into a warm and welcoming environment where our qualified and caring Argentine Tango teachers will help you experience the pleasure of this magnificent dance.  You can share in the excitement of learning and practicing new movements with another person, while listening to beautiful music and feeling the accompanying sense of pleasure.

Why Argentine Tango Dancing?

The Argentine Tango dance makes use of fluid and graceful movements that are inherently well-suited for individuals with Parkinson’s disease:

• Improve balance
• Improve posture
• Increase flexibility
• Increase muscle strength
• Improve coordination

Combining Art & Science

Our instructors’ research and plan movements, steps, and flow that are based on leading-edge scientific studies in the field of dance therapy.  The dance classes make use of modified key elements that offer individuals with Parkinson’s disease the most potential benefit.

Qualified & Experienced Instructors

Debora Rabinovich Program Coordinator

Debora is a health care professional who completed studies on the value of Dance in neurological rehabilitation. Passionate about dancing and teaching she has learnt and taught different dance styles such as ballet, contemporary and folk dances. Recently she has explored partner dances and gained experience in teaching tango to people with Parkinson’s disease.

Noel Strazza
Noel is an internationally renowned Argentine Tango dancer as well as a contemporary dance artist. She worked with Pablo Veron, teaching and performing tango in numerous countries in Europe, Australia, Asia and America. She choreographed numerous shows for prestigious companies such as the Théâtre de l'Utopie, des Sortileges and Cirque du Soleil. Since 2006 she began to collaborate with Pablo Pugliese, creating and producing together artistic projects. They co-founded the dance company Extempore Dance in 2008.

Bobby Thompson
Bobby was attracted to Argentinean Tango more than twenty years ago while still dancing in professional dance companies: Les Ballets Jazz of Montreal, Bat Dor Dance Company of Israel, Ballet Flamenco Arte de España etc. In 1997 Bobby and Carol Horowitz co-founded Studio Tango Montreal. Success came immediately. We saw him in « Macadam Tango » a film for the television; he danced and choreographed for the short film « Revolver Tango » and also in different shows with live tango orchestras.

These are some of the programs in our development plan...
Retire-Attitude Dance 

Modified dance classes for senior people

This program will make an enormous contribution in helping seniors increase their physical activity and improve their general health and wellbeing. Taking under consideration the high levels of people with coronary heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and obesity, it is increasingly important to monitor and address our current level of exercise and physical activity in the community.

Addicted to Dance

Dance provides exercise for mind and body and this specially design program will bring dance to the community. Our youth dance company will be deployed throughout the community (schools, community centers, daycares, health institutions, shopping centers) to animate and engage people in dance as part of their working days.

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