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Vocational Program: Sport-Étude 

Balancing school and dance training could gradually become challenging as the student enters high school. Ballet Montreal Performing Arts School offers an opportunity to excel in both environments by creating an efficient and sustainable training schedule in partnership with John Rennie High School, Collège de Montréal, and École secondaire Des Sources. A student that is a part of the Program would attend school in the morning, and spend its afternoons at the studio, leading up to 25 hours of training per week. The academic curriculum at the high schools are designed for student-athletes, offering a more condense yet equally constructive course load in order to facilitate the thrive in both worlds. Despite the Program being pro-athlete, it continues to monitor and demand excellent performance at school, in order to ensure the student's growth in all areas. 
A dancer of our Vocational Program will receive a concentrated base of classical training, along with a training in a variety of styles and techniques in contemporary, and jazz. The Program includes a daily routine of a stretching and conditionning class, as well as a weekly Acro class to increase the strength, facility, and availability of the body. Throughout the year, the dancer will be given performance opportunity in classical variations, contemporary work and more, in the goal of creating a versatile and adaptive dancer adequate for the current professional dance field.  

Sample Training Schedule 

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